The Weekly ReBoot - Week 9 Yule Logstical!

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Welcome to the last Weekly ReBoot episode of the year where Tony and Alex reflect on a "listical of lists", it’s a Yule Logsticle! An array of great lists, dare we say useful ideas, and frivolous fun to end the year with a little taste of Christmas. 

List 1 - 

The LeaderShip of Fools Podcast - 2018 Leadership Insights Holiday Special:

List 2 - 

Bud Cadel of Nobl Group - 3 Rules:  Local Rules; Simple Rules; Shared Rules.

List 3 - 

Stephen Dennings Age of Agile 3 laws - Law of the small team, Law of the Customer, Law of the Network

List 4 - 

Dan Prager’s 8 wastes of Hanukah:

List 5 - 

Nigel Dalton’s Lean and Agile Operations 5 things: Visualised Work, Prioritised Work, Owned Work, Daily Conversation, Reflect on the System of work and there's a blog about his talk here:

Lean and agile operations 5 things.png

List 6 - 

John Cutler on the Evolving Role of the Product Manager a nice visual list of what they are moving towards:

(Also submit any Expressions of Interest in the closer to the customer stream of Agile Aus here!:

List 7 - 

Find our 12 Day of the Agile Principles in Christmas Advent calendar style blogs, start here!:

List 8 - 

Neil Killick is tweeting and sharing his 12 most popular blogs, follow him on Twitter here: @neil_killick  and his blog is here: 

List 9 - 

Worst Client Comments Turned into posters:

List 10 - 

Lisette Sutherland is keynoting at First conference in 2019, here’s a pic of some excellent ice-breakers for remote meetings:

Lisette Sutherland.png

List 11 - 

Peter Senge’s 11 laws of Systems Thinking: 

List 12 - 

All of the Agile Australia videos you could ever wish to see can be found on Info Q here: why not have your own Agile conference in your company and watch these as a brown bag series? 

List 13 - 

James Holmes’ #MakeAgileGreatAgain twitter thread:

(Comes with a language warning for the sensitive) 

James as Santa for a raft of adorable animals can be found at his partner Jess’ site here:

List 14 - 

Gretchen Rubin’s 11 point manifesto for podcast creation:

List 15 - 

40 Agile Methods in 40 minutes YOW! 2015 by Craig Smith:

List 16 -

Tweet of the week: Pawmeodoro:

Internet cats meet Pomodoro technique

And that’s a wrap for our 2018 Yule Logstical! 

To quote Gretchen Rubin "It’s good to have fans, and it’s great to have a community”

So thank you if you’re a fan and we consider it a privilege to have you in our community. Get in touch to tell us more about what you want to hear 2019 and we’ll be back after a break in January.  

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