The 12 Days of Agile Principles! Principle #1


If you worked with me in 2015 or 2016 you may have participated in a internal blog series inspired by the 12 days of Christmas featuring, one principle of the Agile Manifesto a day. 


Well we’re rebooting the 12 principles to get into the festive spirit, so join us here at our blog to enjoy the principles!  Like an advent calendar of agility, we'll unwrap one every day for the next 12 days working days - Monday to Friday. By the time we conclude we should all be in the festive spirit!


Although the principles of the agile manifesto were originally defined in 2001 they are still highly relevant to Agile approaches today. 


Today we kick off with Principle #1 


Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software


This is the 'why' behind many of our approaches, such as using short Iterations of work and demonstrating the results at the end of the iteration. Also chopping scope into user stories that are independent and represent some Value to the customer and prioritising those stories according to value also facilitates early delivery. 


We like to deliver early and continuously, rather than late and only once.  We’ve learned that evolving towards great products that customers love and that generate value for businesses is much more successful than building towards one epic large thing that you hope will satisfy the customer.  We’ve learned that approach is far too risky and expensive. 


We hope you enjoyed Principle #1, maybe you’d like to share these 12 days of Agile Principles in your relevant workplace channels or join in the conversation with us here on twitter @TheRebootCo. Or you may be inspired to start your own 12 days of Christmas posts about the Agile principles at your place, we’d love to hear about it! 

Join us next time for Principle #2!