The Weekly ReBoot - Bonus Episode! Adrian Fittolani


It was delightful to have Adrian on The Weekly ReBoot as our final special guest bonus episode for 2018. Adrian is well known in the Agile community in Melbourne (and beyond) and brings his authenticity and passion to everything he does. Working with Adrian is a joy, and his genuine enthusiasm and capabilities are certainly unique among senior accomplished leaders of digital teams and companies. He’s a no B.S. guy and he just wants the best for people and teams and is striving to help us all be better.

Edrolo is where Adrian is COO they are revolutionising education by creating Resources designed by leading teachers to create a better learning outcome for high school kids :

Adrian Fittolani's website:

Adrian Fittolani's TED Ex talk:

Adrian Fittolani running into work!:

Adrian’s talk on The Monty Carlo at Agile Australia: and his blog that helps to explain it all:

Envato get’s a mention as well as Adrian was GM of Content there: and he was the reason that I ended up working there.

Edrolo employ and work with teachers, so check out more about there here!:

(Buck Lighting was not in Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear was however:

The Weekly ReBoot will be having a break over the end of the year, and will be back in 2019 with more insights, special guest bonus episodes and more! Tune in, tell your friends, subscribe, rate, review, do all the things if you liked it! Thanks to everyone for the downloads and feedback on the podcast so far.

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