Culture at all levels

I was at a Saturday meetup recently, the 10th birthday of the Melbourne Scrum and Agile user group. 10 years since this group came together, many conferences have spawned from the group of over 4,000 members of what must be one of the most enduring Agile communities in Melbourne.  

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Alexandra Stokes
Empowered Teams - What's in it for business?

It seems obvious that knowledge workers (those that think for a living) want to organise themselves, decide what to do and how to do it.  That is, to be part of self organising teams, empowered to make decisions and really make a difference.

But what’s in it for business?

Don’t the managers want to ensure people are focussed on the most important things, efficiently working on the priorities they’re set?

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The Future of Work Part 2 - People Unboxed

This blog series is a triptych on alternatives that disrupt traditional Human Resource methods with concepts that move us towards the Future of Work.  Read Part 1 here, Being High Performing versus The Performance Review. 

The topic in the cross hairs today is The Position or Job Description, and the notion that Job Descriptions lead you down a path to performing that role, and that is maybe the worst outcome you could get.

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12 Days of Agile Principles! Principle #9

Welcome to Day 9 of 12 Days of Agile Principles!

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility

Strap in it’s going to get technical.   In essence paying attention to technical design and refactoring  allows the code base to maintain some functional integrity and at the same time expand for the next set of technical functionality, or features, required to meet a customer need. 

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The 12 Days of Agile Principles! Principle #8

Welcome to Day 8 of 12 Days of Agile Principles

Agile processes promote sustainable development.  The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely

Good morning, if you’ve just woken up on your keyboard with drool on your cheek and the dregs of yesterday’s coffee cup cold and bitter beside you, I’m going to guess that’s a pace of work that you can’t sustain indefinitely!

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The 12 Days of Agile Principles! Principle #4

Welcome to Day 4 of 12 Days of Agile Principles where we get friendly.

Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project

If you’re tuning in to these festive blogs it’s likely you’ve already seen the benefit of working together daily in cross functional teams and the enhanced creativity that is born of diversity in team make-up and mindset

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The 12 Days of Agile Principles! Principle #2

Anticipate and account for change.  Expect change.  Because you don't want to deliver the wrong thing just because you planned it.  The plan is just that, a plan. 'The map is not the territory'

For example,  google map can show you the street, google earth can show you what's in the street and street view even makes you feel like you're looking at the street.  But

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The 12 Days of Agile Principles! Principle #1

If you worked with me in 2015 or 2016 you may have participated in a blog series inspired by the 12 days of Christmas featuring, one principle of the Agile Manifesto a day. 

Well we’re rebooting the 12 principles to get into the festive spirit, so join us here at our blog to enjoy the principles!  Like an advent calendar of agility, we'll unwrap one every day for the next 12 days working days - Monday to Friday. By the time we conclude we should all be in the festive spirit!

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An Agilist's Tale Part 3 - Our Mutual Friend

The final episode in a three part blog series about a history of agile told from our protagonists view. You can find Part 1 here  and Part 2 here.


What's interesting to me is what will happen to Agile now and next?  What do I see and what do I think the future will be like?   It’s already been a journey of many great surprises.  I wasn’t alone in the early 2000’s expecting that

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Alexandra Stokes