The Weekly ReBoot - Bonus Episode! Renee Troughton from BCG


Renee is an Enterprise Agile coach and and also famous as one of the podcasters on arguably the most famous Agile podcast (and one of my favourites) the Agile Revolution. She also writes at Agile Forrest works at as a Project Lead at BCG and is currently heading up their Agile capability in Australia.

We hear about her Agile beginnings in Australia fifteen years ago and about what she does now, it’s interesting to hear from someone who is tackling such big challenges in such big organisations; she is actively reaching out to the Agile community in Australia to bridge some gaps in understanding.

Renee opens up about the challenges of her past year at BCG but also the pleasant surprises she has found along the way that has removed her prior scepticism.

It was wonderful to talk with Renee.  

Alexandra Stokes