The Weekly ReBoot - Week 6


This week a lot of conference talk, yet another instance of Agile in real life and an announcement of a Christmas themed idea for amping up your team’s Agile Principle skillz.

The Hiring for Culture tweet Tony mentioned was by @mattphilip tweeted by @agabrillagues and was a picture taken at #FlowConfFR18.


Show Notes:

We mentioned many conferences, all links below:

TConf was last week and information about that conferences:

Teresa Neat

Her talk on the QA in the Devops world:

YOW which is actually already in progress in various states across Australia, details for all YOW conferences can be found:

Lisette Sutherland will be talking at 1st conf: @lightling

She is a master of remote collaboration:

TABAR host many conferences:

We talked about REA Group’s TKO conf last week, here’s the link to the blogs and vids:

Here’s the episode of Coffee Pods with Holly Ransom interviewing my mate Barb Hyman where she talks about ‘The Forgetery’:

For the 12 principles of Christmas follow @TheReBootco on twitter or sign up at or email and you’ll receive a principle a day into your inbox plus hacks and tips for your team.

Things are heating up for Agile Australia 2019 and submissions will be open soon:

Last but not least Henry Mintzberg, what a legend:

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Alexandra Stokes