The Weekly ReBoot - Week 7


This week we are all obsessed about The Customer and Self Organising teams, and a special guest right at the end! So keep on listening for that!

Show Notes

Tony’s Favourite Tweet for the week: “Catnefin” - Google for the GIF that matches that one, for cynefin fans.

12 Days of Agile Principles: Subscribe at

Principle number 2 blog is here:

Thomas Schissler @TSchissler had a nice close the customer tweet

Days without customer feedback.png

Agile Jitsu 8 agile wastes of Hannukah:

Steve Denning Book where Tony found the piece on diversity of teams : The leaders guide to radical management 2010:

Tech Leading Ladies and CTO school had a joint meet up:

Agile Aus - get involved!

And get in touch if you want to be a reviewer on our stream at Agile Aus “Closer to the Customer”:

RMIT On-line team with Jules Stevenson, a great way to get closer to the customer in this pic:

Jules RMIT.jpg

RMIT on-line

“I want…"


John Cuttler Hacker Noon, his post on Product Owners and self organising teams

Modern Agile, Josh Kerievsky

His tweet on meeting agreements inspired by Google here:

Sue Hogg shared this hilarious Agile Christmas song:

Why not send in a photo of yourself with a speech bubble that says what you want from The Weekly ReBoot and Why, using “I want….” and “because…” format.

Agile Poem


Bruce Taylor from RMIT On-line and his awesome Agile Poetry from the street poet Angie

Alexandra Stokes