We help all kinds of teams and orgs shift to a better place.

We offer a number of services.  From intense Training Bootcamps to uplift your capability, Coaching to improve your delivery, as well as complete Agile transformation Consulting.

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Coaching is how ReBoot Co. works with you to help evolve your systems of work.  We’ll spend time with teams and leaders to ensure they are confident with knowledge, skills and tools to fit the new age and we achieve the shortest stainable path to team re-boot as possible.

Depending on the number of teams and size of the challenges, we’ll co-create a coaching plan that delivers high performing teams who are confident to solve hard problems and create great solutions. 

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ReBoot Co. can consult with you for a variety of outcomes.  When you are in need of wholesale transformation of your org's structure, processes, and people and are impatient for change, we can be an objective partner to help you steer a course.  

If you are just starting on your journey you may benefit from a lighter touch, some exploratory and observational work to advise you on the best path to implement new ways of working in your organisation. 

We won't just deliver large documents, we'll work closely with you to ensure value is delivered continuously during consulting. And we'll stick by you as an advisor during change - the tough bit! 

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Training Bootcamps are run by ReBoot Co. on a regular basis. Through an intensive course of classroom training and hands on practical worked examples, we introduce foundation knowledge for uplifting your teams, culture, org, structure; and unleashing leadership potential.

Our Bootcamps are:


Leaders have a new role in the organisation, they will no longer be tasked with systematic decision making, instead they will be facilitating environments where multiple cross functional and autonomous teams can become performant. How do leaders make this transition from being ‘experts with authority’ to ‘curators of excellent culture’?  We’ve designed a Lean Leadership Training Bootcamp to bring this mindset and skillset to a new generation of Leaders.


We introduce Lean and Agile principles, practices and mindset basics that is fundamental for implementing new ways of working for teams.  We have constructed what we think is the perfect education for anyone seeking to understand and use these approaches in their workplace.

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