The Weekly ReBoot - LIVE RECORDING! The Good The Bad and the Ugly at LASTconf Melbourne

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Welcome to The Weekly ReBoot, something a little different this week. Ed O’Shaunessy @agileeddie and I were lucky enough to host a panel of Luminaries at LASTConf Melbourne. Ed is an agile coach currently working at ANZ in their big transformation and it’s always great to co-host a session with Ed. It was also a great opportunity to have so much experience on the panel, from such a diverse collection of speakers, and those speakers were:

Jeanette Peterson from RMIT - Jeanette is innovations delivery manager working on deliverying innovation related to significant problems, has also worked at Red Cross blood services Australia and many other places:

Renee Troughton from BCG - Renee is a well known Agile Coach on the Aussie coaching scene, having gained her experience at scaling Agile ways of working at companies such as Suncorp and Commbank and Telstra. She was our guest on our show last year:

Robyn Elliot from the NBN - Robyn is Senior Manager of Agile methods and practices and is working at the Enterprise and senior level of NBN :

Mark Barber from Adaptovate: Mark’s experience includes: Coaching and leading agile transformations in various industries including digital, retail, finance and supply chain.

Penelope Barr from Allens Law firm: Penelope has worked in many technology teams and financial services companies in Australia and most recently at the giant agile Scale up at ANZ: Penelope is also a podcast interview guest from earlier this year:

Tom Varsavsky from REA Group: Tom is the Chief Engineer of REA Group and sits on the exec leading 700+ technology professionals in one of Australia’s biggest digital success stories Tom was a guest on The Weekly ReBoot earlier this season too:

We asked the Panel to share with us their stories of BAD things, Ugly Things and Good things they have borne witness to, and the things they have learned from their experience of scaling agile teams of teams, to very large organisations.

Such a long way we’ve come as a community to have gone through so many scaling adventures now and interesting to hear the breadth of what we have learned in that time.

This was our first test of recording an episode of The Weekly ReBoot live so it was kind of an experiment for us, but happy to say it recorded ok enough for us to want to give that another go. In terms of the audio you will hear some mixed qualities and I’ve tried to edit up where I can. In terms of the insights and answers, they were top notch, so I hope you enjoy listening along to our panel of experienced experts.

Ed and I hope to re-running a similar session as a Meet-Up later in the year so stay tuned to the Weekly ReBoot to hear more on that.

Any feedback is gratefully received email:

Alexandra Stokes