The Weekly ReBoot - Mini Hack #1 The Systems of Work Retro


This week on The Weekly ReBoot we’re taking you through a mini hack, a simple idea you can apply in your teams at your work that will help you be better.

But before we start, do you do regular Retros? If not please read through this blog on The Life Changing Magic of Retros, then come back hopefully convinced to make a Retrospective part of your team’s regular habits.

In our episode Alex talked about how making things Habits is powerful, here’s a great book by Gretchen Rueben on Habits and how much they help us work Better than Before:

Still need convincing, how about some recent research on how Habits beat Rewards:

If you are interested in learning more about W. Edwards Deming and Systems Thinking, we’d love to chat to you, in the meantime dive into some googling and check out his book Out of the Crisis where you’ll find the quote on 94% of issues being caused by the implemented system of work.

Get in touch if you have any feedback or want to work more on your systems of work at

Alexandra Stokes