The Weekly ReBoot Poster Series - Every Team has a Customer


This is our first in a series of podcast episodes about The Poster. We created The Poster in response to the many frustrations we hear from our community and clients about how difficult it is to embed agility, adaptiveness and all the crucial elements that are needed to empower teams to deliver amazing outcomes for their businesses. 

It contains what we think is everything important in terms of principles, values, practices, culture, and mindset for a great delivery transformation and better outcomes for your customers.

But we are often asked “Where and how do we start?” So we’ve created a series of posts and podcast episodes with insight and interviews to help people understand where to start, give a bit of context to the area and more guidance, we hope it’s going to be useful for a lot of people out there. 

The first in our Poster Series deals with The Customer and how to get teams who build for them, close to them.

See the companion blog here:

It features team member Indra Kilfoyle - she’s obsessed with Customers and she illustrated our poster too!

If you’re interested in submitting to 2019 Agile Aus Closer to the Customer stream go here:

Alexandra Stokes