The Weekly ReBoot - Week 8


This week we talk about reflections, articles and blogs without ads (the scourge of our eyeballs) some good books and people to follow and the merits of email. It’s near the end of the year and things are getting loose! Many rabbits went down holes.

(And Tony can’t resist mentioning John Cutler AGAIN! Unbelievable)

Improved Remote Video meetings:

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@DHH :


If you are interested in digital detox, read this book!  The winter of our disconnect

Tony’s Tweet of the week :

DeeHock quote tweeted here:

Reflections and Retros via Norm Kirth

More about Retrospective beginnings here:

Lyne Cazaly @lynnecazaly

Her new book ‘ISH’ available for pre-order and her latest book ‘Agile-ISH’

Penelope Barr @penelopebarr  and Beautiful Agile

speaking at

12 days of Agile principles:

Stay tuned next week for the last Weekly ReBoot of the year and the “Yule Logsticle”, the backlog of backlogs and the listicle of listicles! Yule Love IT!

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