The Weekly ReBoot - Week 1

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Welcome to the weekly ReBoot, your Friday de-brief of things we’ve heard and seen coming from the Agile community here in Melbourne and beyond. 

This is our first episode, have a listen and hopefully you get something interesting to read or share.

Show Notes:

Dogs in the office:

10th Birthday of the Scrum and Agile User Group Melbourne link:

Ron Jefferies:


Steven Denning:


The bestest Roadmapping blog to start your roadmapping fun with:

Atlassian and Jira:

Adrian Fittolani - - mentioned way too many times in the podcast. This is a top talk he did at TEDx

Some other Books:

Talking to humans

Testing with Humans


SD Consortium Where Denning’s research comes from



Retros, we love retros, why not do them more frequently?

Envato (mentioned a few times and also our theme music is from there!)

The podcast about habits in our funny phone call to Stuart:

Listen to Kwik Brain: Memory Improvement | Accelerated Learning | Speed-Reading | Brain Hacks | Productivity Tips | High Performance in Podcasts.

Get in touch if you want to share something or be on the Weekly ReBoot podcast!

Betsy’s squeaky cow that you might hear

Betsy’s squeaky cow that you might hear

Alexandra Stokes