We are experienced practitioners with over twenty years in Systems Thinking, Agile software delivery and Lean leadership. The team has catalysed four large scale agile transformations and helped a multitude of small teams find their mojo. Helping teams work is our work.

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Alex Stokes - Founder

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I've spent many years in the industry specialising in Agile and Lean approaches. Now I find pleasure in coaching, teaching, and helping other companies solve their problems.


I've been a champion for three major transformations as leaders inside those orgs;  Head of Digital Engineering at Australia Post, Head of Application Development and Maintenance at AIA Australia and as Head of Solutions Delivery at TAL Direct. 

Prior to leading IT transformations ‘in the wild’ I was a consultant at ThoughtWorks and Keane Ltd. I was an early comer to Agile practices in the 90’s and I've helped many organisations overcome challenges with their cumbersome processes.