The Weekly ReBoot - Mini Hack #8 Mastering Post-it Notes


This week we are focusing on mastering more collaborative sessions by using Post-it Notes really well. Join in for some stunning audio of actual Post-it Notes being peeled live. 

Why do Agilists love collaboration and why that probably links them to tools like the humble Post-it Note? It’s really all in the principles and values of the Agile manifesto: 

Principle #4

Principle #5

Principle #11

Here are Alex’s 7 tips summarised :

#1 - Carry some around with you to increase opportunities for collaboration

#2 - Peel it the ‘right way’ to avoid curly Post-its

#3 - Use a Texta, write BIG, no pens!

#4 - Use the light bright colours, no dark colours, avoid a sea of pale yellow only…

#5 - 1 idea per Post-it Note please, lets us move them around and sort into prioritise and groups

#6 - Use voting to crowd source the most popular ideas/topics

#7 - Reflect alone first before sharing with the group, get participation from everyone

How to peel a post it:

Tools for remote Post-it style collaboration:

The Modern Developer:

For feedback email:

Alexandra Stokes