The Weekly ReBoot - Mini Hack #12 Reflection


This week a mini hack that’s about Reflection, the importance of reflection for learning and 3 nifty ways to get more reflection in your life and your team life!

This was the link to the article that drew me into answering these 6 questions daily and had me not only happier but learning more about myself. Give it a try for a week and see how you go.

Heart of Agile has ‘Reflect’ as a headline ‘way’.

Here are the three hacks to get more reflection happening in your teams:

  1. Ask for a few minutes reflection in a session, and if you can’t get those few minutes then as a reflective question like “Someone remind me what happened and why we made that decision back then”

  2. Set it up as a daily habit, use a tool like Slack and a slackbot to remind you daily to answer it

  3. At the end of a session or workshop save a few moments for shared reflection, either set it up yourself or get into the head of the meeting facilitator to save you a few minutes so you can go around the room and reflect.

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Alexandra Stokes