The Weekly ReBoot - feat. Michele Playfair!

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Today we are playing an interview with Michelle play fair. Michele describes herself as a Catalyst, glube, connection maker and faux Pa. on her twitter profile, but officially goes by the title of Exec director of YOW conferences. She has a background in technology and education and her job is even more diverse now in her director role for YOW.

You might notice me giggling for a lot of this podcast interview, I really enjoy Michele’s sense of humour and I’m always trying to seek her out at conferences to have a chat. She selfs describes as someone with the ‘confidence of a mediocre white guy’ and is also a real champion for women in technology, and does a heap to encourage and grow diversity at YOW events, despite all the challenges in that which you will hear all about.

The article we referenced about Xero CEO ‘playing tricks’ on candidates at interview is here:

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