The Weekly ReBoot - feat. Neil Killick!

Neil Killick.jpg

This week, I’m very pleased to bring you an interview with Neil Killick, Neil is a well known consultant and coach in Melbourne AND beyond. 

Neil’s blog and website can be found here: and comes highly recommended by me and plenty of others as a reference and resource when you’re implementing change in your organisation.

His Twitter handle is: @neil_killick 

Now a few notes on the recording of this podcast, we were in a lovely little cafe called The Little Elephant in Highett, but because of a microphone issues I had, I had a background mic on and you’ll hear a lot of background cafe noise in the recording, I’ve tried to pull it back as much as possible, but as a result my questions are pretty faint. That said Neil’s mic was working perfectly and he comes across loud and clear, exactly as he sounded to me. 

We also went over their closing time by a long way, they were super decent to let us overstay their closing time by about 20 minutes! 

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Alexandra Stokes