The Weekly ReBoot - Lisette Sutherland


Lisette Sutherland is the creator of Collaboration Superpowers and the author of Work together anywhere. She was the keynote speaker at 1st Conf on the 28th of Feb and that kicked off a tour of Australia helping people to collaborate better from anywhere via her engaging workshops. 

Lisette was an absolute delight to talk to, I learned a lot about how to rock remote working when I heard her talk at 1st Conf and during the interview, there’s just so many genius ideas she has captured about remote working and her team’s work spreads this knowledge to all corners of the globe. If you want to pick up tips from Lisette listen in! But also visit the website where you can access books, podcast and workshops to power your collaboration.

Her workshop schedule can be accessed here: and many of them run on-line so you can learn about working together anywhere…anywhere! 

Alexandra Stokes