The Weekly ReBoot - Bonus Episode! The Controversial Meet-Up

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The Meet-up we are talking about today was  on the 31st of October, it was put on by the Melbourne Agile and Scrum User Group:

“In this session Renee Troughton, will lead an open discussion on:

· A brief guide to a common question: What do consultants actually do?

· Some personal lessons learnt across recent major transformations

· What consultants can bring to the table, and what coaches can do that consultants can’t

· What consultants and coaches might each need to do differently to benefit from the synergy”

We caught up with Murray Robinson and Phil Gadzinski, two experienced Melbourne coaches who were there on the night, it was great to get both of their time and perspectives on how the discussion went.

We look forward to hearing more on this topic and have another couple of commentators to talk to next week.

The Melbourne and Agile Scrum User Group is having their 10th birthday bash on the 10th of November, register here if you want to come along:

10th Birthday Bash.png

Here are the speakers who will be reflecting on 10 years of agility.

Alexandra Stokes