The Weekly ReBoot - Week 5


This week we talked hack events, internal learning conferences, some Agile in real life, a dash of culture and why presentation packs are a bad way to communicate, Agile Australia submissions and a special guest!

Show notes:

Erin McManus is on the bonus Episode of the Weekly ReBoot!

Here’s the Culture blog from us:

REA Hack events are branded under Inventorship:

Tony said Hi to Naz. Naz is: Nazeer Shoukat Ali Agile QA at Australia Post on the winning team for their Simplify Hackday.

Internal Conferences:

If you want to learn more about REA’s internal tech conference in July search for #reatko19 on twitter.

Jeff Foster on Creating Space for People to Learn through 10% Time, Open Space and Conferences" from Engineering Culture by InfoQ by InfoQ on Apple Podcasts

The Red Bead experiment:

AI Australia podcast, James Wilson and Nigel Dalton interview industry thought leaders and experts about implementing AI in Australian businesses.

It can be found here:

Agile Australia submissions system will open in December:

Javier’s daughter’s visual board is pictured below, I found out that Victoria Schiffer well known Melbourne Tech leader and Agilist was the inspiration behind his Daughters visual board: @Erdbeervogel is Victoria’s twitter handle.

Agile in real life.png

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Alexandra Stokes