Training Courses

Prepare yourself to confidently and effectively transform your Way of Work.

Continually going out to market to acquire talent is no longer a winning strategy. A far better, and much cheaper, approach is to uplift the capability you already have in-house.

ReBoot Co. offer a number of courses publicly, or run in-house, to provide you with the tools and skillset needed and to support you wherever you are in your journey to agility.

We offer courses in a number of fields including: agile, lean and design thinking; modern software development practices; and leadership uplift for team success.

Each of our trainers have decades of experience in their fields, and bring both the knowledge and the battle scars from their experience to pass on to you. The course content is their own, giving authenticity and depth of knowledge that you won’t get from a textbook.

We are happy to tailor courses specific to your needs - get in touch for more information.

Agile Fundamentals.jpeg

Agile Fundamentals bootcamp

Through an intensive course of classroom training and hands on practical worked examples, we introduce the Systems Thinking mindset that is the foundation knowledge for uplifting your teams, along with Agile and Lean fundamentals.


The Modern Developer

Modern practical engineering practices to take you into the cloud.

This 2 day course gives experienced developers the tools and techniques to transition from traditional technical stacks and architectures to the new digital and cloud world.


The Modern Developer - Graduate

Modern Practical Engineering Practices.

This 2 day course gives new developers hands on working understanding and practical experience in modern engineering practices.