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The Modern Developer

Modern practical engineering practices to take you and your career into the cloud.

Price: $1200 (+ GST)


This 2 day course gives experienced developers the tools and techniques to transition from traditional technical stacks and architectures to the new digital and cloud world. It also helps developers who have been in traditional waterfall environments wanting to understand the difference of development practices in agile teams and the foundations of DevOps.

If you’d like us to tailor or run this, or other courses, in-house at your company - please get in touch.

Who should attend

The Modern Developer bootcamp is designed for experienced developers wanting to quickly complement their skill-set with tools more suitable in agile workplaces and cloud based architectures.


Attendees will be able to write better, more manageable and maintainable code. They will gain an understanding of the benefits that modern engineering practices provide, and the ability to incrementally apply them to existing code bases.

Through hands on coding experience, attendees will enhance their software design capability to leverage architectures suitable to cloud infrastructure, rapid deployment, testing and feedback loops. Attendees gain skills allowing for better emergent designs and methods to improve collaboration in cross-functional teams.

Course Outline

Code Style

Coding for change - Learn important concepts and think differently about how you write your code to allow you to make changes more easily without big impacts.

Loose coupling/tight cohesion - We’ll explore the concepts of loose coupling and tight cohesion. You’ll learn to make changes more easily and quickly without unintended consequences, so you can explore solution options, without breaking large parts of the system.

Functional programming - We’ll examine functional programming techniques, which result in less code. You’ll spend less time figuring out how things work and more time actually solving the problems you’re working on.


Application of techniques that allow cross functional teams to: Develop and build solutions with emergent rather than rigid design; Collaborate and leverage abilities across the team; Gain rapid feedback and deliver more reliably.

TDD - We’ll cover Test Driven Development (TDD), a technique that helps developers write better code while giving you feedback on whether your code is working, allowing you to make changes with confidence and constantly improve the overall codebase.

Pair Programming - We’ll introduce pair programming, a method that helps you work as a team and share the responsibility for writing code. Reduce time reviewing and finding errors in others’ code, harness the collective power of many brains and promote other good engineering practices like shared code ownership.

Continuous Delivery - We’ll cover continuous delivery, which helps you learn rapidly by making smaller changes to gather feedback sooner, and deploy more safely and reliably.


Use of modern architecture patterns to allow your systems to become more resilient, evolve and scale in an adaptive way.

Microservices - We’ll discuss how breaking up an application into smaller services can reduce dependencies between teams, allowing you to learn and build new things more easily and independently from other parts of the system.

Cloud - We’ll cover the benefits of cloud infrastructure, how to manage numerous environments in the cloud, including giving you complete control over the whole architecture, reducing the wait time in your development-to-production cycles.


A working laptop with development environment - further details on environment and set up will be provided when you register.

At least junior level programming skills in a modern technology.

Other Details

We keep our classes small (Max 12 people) so we can focus on you.

We provide refreshments throughout each day including morning tea and lunch.

Prices exclude GST but include all other fees and charges.

Refund policy.

We offer a full refund up to 7 days prior to the course start date.

If you’re unable to attend and wish to transfer your place to another person we are very happy to arrange that at no additional cost.

We reserve the right to change venue or cancel any course for any reason, including but not limited to trainer illness. In the event of cancellation, we will offer a transfer to a different course or a full refund.


No dates are currently scheduled - please get in touch if you’re interested.

If you’d like us to tailor or run this, or other courses, in-house at your company - please get in touch.