Our Team


Alex Stokes - Co Founder

I've spent many years in the industry specialising in Agile and Lean approaches. Now I find pleasure in coaching, teaching, and helping other companies solve their problems.


Tony Fifoot - co Founder

I help leaders with the challenges of designing and transforming systems of work to create engaged delivery teams who not only perform, but can sustainably learn, adapt and innovate.


Indra Kilfoyle

With experience in leading both design and tech teams, I am passionate about the interplay of technology and design and the value of high-performing teams. Through the development of individuals and the team I strive to inspire people to be the best they can be.


Nick Paton

I draw on a unique blend of creative, technical and business skills to help organisations deliver world-class technology products that foster strong consumer relationships and achieve strategic goals. I enjoy developing and guiding teams through the product management lifecycle from ideation to commercialisation to deliver real value.


Danielle Moorhead

I use extensive understanding of Agile and Lean tools and methods, gained from my product management and delivery background to help organisations become more adaptive, resilient, and outcome-focused. My sweet spot is connecting high level business strategy to what is delivered, and helping achieve value that way. 


James holmes

I'm a Principal Developer, into Agile, Lean and other ways of doing what matters and leaving out what doesn’t. With experience in leading teams, DevOps, TDD, Kanban, Architecture, Domain Driven Dev and many other buzzwords, I also help with the whole system of work for product development and I'm still hoping for a chance to finally make someone implode in the Red Bead Experiment.

Grow with us

We love helping people get better at their work.  We are curious, a little thoughtful and like to get to the bottom of what stops teams from being awesome.  We like to work with people from all backgrounds and value a broad range of skills and experience; at work and in your real life. 

We especially value people who can teach, coach and create amazing environments where people learn and apply knowledge to problem solving, and...

...we are growing! If you like the sound of us and want to be part of growing ReBoot Co. we want to talk to you.