Energy Australia

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Solving customer problems with new ways of working

ReBoot Co. & Energy Australia

ReBoot Co. used Agile, Lean and Human Centred Design to embed new ways of working, and coached four Energy Australia teams through an incubator process to solve persistent organisational problems. 

  • Customer Net Promoter Score for the retention experience solution increased from +8 to +39 from MVP rollout.

  • Customer Loyalty program was launched.

  • New ways of working achieved an average 77% employee engagement score.

  • Bootcamp training received an employee Net Promoter Score of +86.


Persistent complex problems in the organisation such as: trying to proactively retain customers, rewarding customers with appropriate recognition of loyalty, correctly applying and managing concessions and  improving digital self service usage, were impossible to decompose and solve in existing teams amidst existing delivery commitments.


 ReBoot Co. used bootcamp training and on-boarding, to equip newly formed teams with techniques for problem solving, incorporating Agile, Lean and Human Centred approaches. The team also devoted time to honing high performance, with facilitation of activities including Working Agreements; a team social contract that establishes how the teams work day to day. 

It was a great training environment and I felt motivated to come to work as training was engaging. I enjoyed learning new ways of working from awesome coaches :)

The team utilised Design Thinking sprints supported by experienced coaches of ReBoot Co. to build customer empathy, understand their needs, ideate and try solutions. Small teams, colocated and cross functional, and a dedicated workspace where high levels of visualisation and low fi working were embraced. Leaders gave teams trust and autonomy over decision making.


 The teams had laser like focus on highest priority work. Taking action was prioritised over perfecting solutions. The ability to pivot and try different approaches and ideas were used to quickly hone ideas into best results, eliciting high levels of feedback during the process. 

Workspace was an important factor; physically distant from the head office and yet positioned close to their call centre allowed for solutions to be co-designed with call centre agents and tested with shortened feedback cycles.


The teams implemented MVP solutions for their Problems within a few sprints ensuring a data driven approach was in place to monitor and pivot on solutions over time. Customer NPS increases were demonstrated within a month. 

Champions of new ways of working were created and team members now integrate a new Lean and Agile mindset into their daily work, solving customer problems using Human Centred Design techniques.


Visualisation of work replaced the usual creation of laborious artefacts, and allowed the team to focus on the quickest means to convey large amounts of complex data. Using showcases as a prompter to organise their thoughts, theories and results into meaningful stories ensured support was quickly provided by senior sponsors when budget and organisational barriers needed to be navigated. 

“I enjoyed learning the Agile approach and felt the pace of the program worked well with my learning style”

"I love this way of working, when I first came onto this project I did the training which I found exiting and fun, I felt like I learned new skills and gained a lot of knowledge”

Alexandra Stokes