Transforming to New ways of working

Civica & ReBoot Co.

Transforming to New Ways of Working with Civica

Civica engages ReBoot Co. to implement New ways of working in their Local Government business.

  • Bootcamp training received an employee Net Promoter Score of +38

    “Did the coaching help you to learn and build upon concepts of New ways of working for your team?”

  • 56% Agree, 44% Strongly Agree

    “Post the coach leaving, are you confident to operate as an agile team without the coach?”

  • 100% Agree


A team that services over 100 large clients with Configurable Off The Shelf Software solutions for Local Government, that has evolved from legacy software were challenged to keep pace with business customers using traditional approaches to software delivery. Civica engaged ReBoot Co. to assist with capability uplift via training bootcamps and coaching to move to more adaptable, value driven and customer centric approach.


ReBoot Co. commenced with class room training providing deep learning of Agile, Lean and Design Thinking, and then created discipline with observational and hands-on coaching to embed newly learned practices into teams. ReBoot Co. also helped the leadership team visualise their program of work and institute new light-weight communication forums across the teams, amplifying issues to resolve and turn them around quickly

Thank you for your time and effort. It has been a great having you as coach. I feel that you have invigorated the team.


The teams that received coaching are better at managing unplanned work that currently impacts on delivery timelines, with processes in place to triage and deal with short term priorities. Longer term there’s a focus on eradicating the different types of unplanned work, creating a smoother running team that is better equipped to deal with challenges. ReBoot Co. introduced goal based planning, this creates a focus on value, as teams better use goals to describe their delivery work. Stakeholders understand what to expect and the team can better coordinate the work into streams.


The new practices have quickly formed into habits and the teams enjoy more autonomy in their decision making. The leaders and other stakeholders now have more transparency of the work and understand where they can help 'un-stick' the teams and remove blockers to outcomes. Signals of the start of a culture shift are apparent as more accountability is taken, and teams are free to move their own priority work forward. In addition better prioritisation decisions are made where there is work contention. Civica LG now has a foundation and self sufficiency to move forward with agility.


Aligned teams

Visualised program of work

Alexandra Stokes