Re-Launch your Delivery!

ReBoot Co Poster 163.jpg

Can you get everything that's important in terms of principles, values, practices, culture, and mindset for a great delivery transformation, into a poster? Challenge accepted!

We created this poster in response to the many frustrations we hear from our community and clients about how difficult it is to embed agility, adaptiveness and all the crucial elements that are needed to empower teams to deliver amazing outcomes for their businesses. Sure we may have all seen the Spotify Engineering Culture videos, but it's too easy to dismiss that as not possible to do around here when you work somewhere that's not a young cool digital business. 

Should only young cool digital businesses be able to use these new ways of working in order to have highly engaged people, coming to work every day and loving what they do? We don't think so. ReBoot co. have helped to transform many businesses and teams, large and small, new and traditional, digital and legacy, into great places to work, with engaging cultures and brilliant results, so we wanted to help all teams access this goodness too. 

So if you are frustrated, or simply find something in our poster that resonates with you, please go forth and share, use the ideas, seed the mindset and influence the people at your workplace that could help support the changes you want to make. If some aspect depicted in this poster makes you curious or if you simply want to talk through some ideas, please Get in touch .

And if you want a high resolution copy for your own wall go here. It looks great in A2 and A1 sizes.