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Agile Fundamentals Bootcamp

Set up the foundations for dramatic improvement in your teams to unleash their potential.

Training by Alex Stokes and Tony Fifoot.

Price: $1200 + GST


Through an intensive course of classroom training and hands on practical worked examples,  we introduce the systems thinking mindset that is the foundation knowledge for uplifting your teams, culture, org, structure; and unleashing their potential.

Bootcamp immersion is the fastest route to dramatic improvement in your teams. More effective people, more effective teams. We have constructed what we think is the perfect education for anyone seeking to understand and use these approaches in their workplace. 


Fundamentals Bootcamp is best suited to individuals who are new to Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking approaches to work, 


For individuals who have viewed agile teams and participated in perhaps one or two initiatives, and want to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience,


Great for new leaders commencing a practitioner career as a leader of agile teams or an eventual coach.

Over an intensive two day course Fundamentals Bootcamp aims to address the Why, What and How of Agile, Lean and Systems thinking.


We will commence with a brief history of these practices, focussing on the common principles that underpin all agile and lean approaches to team operation and delivery. We understand and explain the drivers behind the emergence of new ways of working and the issues they attempt to address. 

Module Content:

  • History

  • Principles


We introduce basic templated processes to apply to the planning, execution, prioritisation and delivery of a teams work. No one method is practical for all situations so using our years of experience we advise ‘the simplest approach that could possibly work’ for incorporating agility into how teams operate. 

We then augment with a number of common industry alternatives that can be used by the more experienced practitioner, building on the base of principles so people can develop and tailor these approaches to their unique environments and problem domains.

Module Content:

  • Planning processes and Prioritisation 

  • Communication (Standups & Visualising work/Kanban)

  • Demonstrating work (Show case)

  • Continuous improvement practices (Retrospectives)

  • Iterating / Sprinting

  • Program level planning & Scaling


Technique can be the difference between following a process and having the skills to adapt and improve. Higher order topics equip attendees with the ability and confidence to move and apply their learning. 

Module Content: 

  • Building Culture

  • Collaboration

  • Growth versus fixed Mindset

  • Experiments

  • Games

  • Breaking with tradition 

  • Design thinking


2 day course plus materials

$1,200 + GST per person

The Trainer - Alex Stokes


Alex has spent many years in the industry specialising in Agile and Lean approaches. Now she finds pleasure in coaching, teaching, and helping other companies solve their problems.

Other Details

We keep our classes small (Max 20 people) so we can focus on you.

We provide refreshments throughout each day including morning tea and lunch.

Prices exclude GST but include all other fees and charges.

Refund policy.

We offer a full refund up to 7 days prior to the course start date.

If you’re unable to attend and wish to transfer your place to another person we are very happy to arrange that at no additional cost.

We reserve the right to change venue or cancel any course for any reason, including but not limited to trainer illness. In the event of cancellation, we will offer a transfer to a different course or a full refund.


No dates are currently scheduled - please get in touch if you’re interested.

If you’d like us to tailor or run this, or other courses, in-house at your company - please get in touch.